TransMojave Tour 2/18-2/25

Photo: Ed Dorsey

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The dates are February 18-25. It’s seven days of riding. Average is about 50-70 miles a day, maybe 5,000ft a day – TransMojave! We’re starting on the north side of LA so if you like, arrive Friday via LAX. The start hotel is in Santa Clarita, where the Tour of California loves to go. Saturday morning we roll out and go over hill and dale, er, mountain and pass rather… all the way across the Mojave Desert to… Las Vegas! Woooo! We end in Las Vegas on Friday night and you can fly out if you must, or spend a day or two knocking around with us there. Awesome MTB trails and road biking nearby and all the Vegas sights and sounds, food and booze and people watching you can stand. There is one night of tent cabin camping in the desert under the stars along the way, more on that later.

The ride is on dirt roads and desert double tracks. I am trying to avoid sandy roads as much as possible; that being said, it is the Mojave Desert and there are sandy stretches. If we are on pavement it is only because it is a connector and there was no viable dirt option. I’m guessing it will be 66/33 dirt and pavement overall. We will pass by petroglyph sites, aircraft graveyards, old mining operations, ghost towns, artists colonies, ultra-remote places where the only sound is your heartbeat in your ears, Grapes of Wrath dustbowl pits of despair, the Mojave National Preserve and a day in Joshua Tree National Park. A lightweight, 29er hardtail mountain bike with fast rolling 2.3” tires is recommended. There are sand dunes, military aircraft bombing ranges and giant mountains. We’ll cross multiple dry lakebeds and more weird stuff you won’t see anywhere else. We end as day turns to night riding down the Las Vegas Strip to our swanky hotel suites.

So, to be sure I can get the hotels that we need booked, I need to know if you wanna go or not. There are very limited options for places to stay because we are going out into the middle of nowhere (literally) and I need to book soon so you’re not sleeping on the ground outdoors with a mountain lion sniffing your balls/cooch at 3:30am. We book the nicest hotels we can find and we go two or four per room to keep the cost down. If the motels are really affordable I go two per room. Most of you know what you’re in for already, if you’ve not been on this trip before, just relax and let Murphy take control – what could possibly go wrong?

We’re going to be eating lunch off the tailgate each day.

Here are photos from our test run:

Photo journal of pre-run!

You MUST have a routing GPS and know how to use it. There will be no paper maps unless you make your own. I’d like to keep the group together at least until lunch each day so it does not get super spread out, that makes running support much more difficult.

You get to bring ONE carry on size roller board or duffel bag. Do not bring multiple bags. We have tools, leave yours at home. Same with floor pumps. Many of the hotels have wash machines, you don’t need seven complete sets of kit as we will do laundry at least once.

January 15th is the magical cutoff date to sign up for this amazing tour. Email with any transfer/refund requests.

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Is my registration/ticket transferable?
Yes! We will happily transfer your registration to another attendee up until 24hrs before the start of the event at no additional cost. If you wish to transfer your attendance towards another SuperPro offering, please contact before January 15 and this will not be a problem.Eek! I need a refund on the support package since I can’t attend. What’s your refund policy?
Due to the nature of these events and the extensive planning involved, we are able to offer partial refunds if emailed to on or before the following dates:
90% refund if requested on/before December 5
60% refund if requested on/before January 1
30% refund if requested on/before January 15
No refund on/after January 16Great! Where do I check in once I get to Santa Clarita?
Check in will be 7-9pm on the evening of February 17th at the Holiday Inn Express, Santa Clarita.Will it sell out?
Quite possibly! The field is limited to 14 supported riders, though in the unlikely event we do not reach the minimum of 10 riders by January 15, we will refund you in full.


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The daily menus are:Pancakes and little sausages / veggie sausages w/ syrup cups (real maple syrup, not that corn syrup crap).Burgers / black bean chipotle veggie burgers w/ cheese if you like. I get soft brioche buns or onion rolls, not cheap white buns.

Grilled cheese / ham & cheese sammichs.

We’ll have one griddle that cooks meat and one that does not so the veg/vegans can relax, they’ll be clearly marked as such. We can boil water too and do pour over coffee and ramen noodles if you like. We’ll have a bunch of electrolyte powder / science food too.

The cooler will have Cokes, beers, fizzy waters and the like. I generally get low alcohol beer for the day/riding hours like Tecate and Coors and save the IPA’s for the hotel room. We’re doing 50-80 miles a day and hitting the IPA starting at 10am often leads to bad riding form (from what I’ve heard). Remember to crush your can each time before you put it in the trash bag- that saves tons of space.

There’ll be masses of salty snacks like chips, peanut butter pretzel bombs and trail mix and nuts. I’ll get some sweet stuff like Sour Patch Kids and all that jazz to balance out the salty/savory.

Glutards: make yourselves known on the sign up options so we can accommodate you!

Mojave group pic