2018 Spring Classic

2018 Spring Classic

Our ninth year! (Or is it ten? We’ve lost track!)

Our annual spring club ride for SuperPro’s and friends.

Point to point formate with different routes to accommodate different appetites. We send you off in the morning on luxury busses with bagels and coffee and drop you off. You ride back to the BBQ at the finish! As always Chef Dave will be there with a bonanza of food for you from his organic farm!

On the route we’ve to aid stations set up for water and snacks and hot food like grilled cheese and such. From M&M’s to electrolytes we’ve got you covered! It’s that Team SuperPro hospitality that you love!

This is a rules of the road ride so please, help us all out and stay single file and stay right! Anyone spotted not following traffic signals will be singled out for ridicule and derision and a strongly worded letter that will go in your permanent record.

This year we’re aiming to depart and finish at South San Francisco’s Santo Cristo Society Hall, permit pending.