2015 SuperPro Cyclocross Series

24 Comments on “2015 SuperPro Cyclocross Series

  1. by Lloyd Davies

    Are the kids races suitable for a 5 year old who is good for his age? Also is the fee still $40 for the kids race?

    • by aaronnathan

      Definitely appropriate. Come early and watch the Juniors race too to see what it’s like.

  2. by David Miser

    That was seriously fun!! Probably the best CX course I’ve ever done. Thanks a ton.

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  4. by Liz

    How much is it to do a 2nd race at JM if you’re only registered for the Oakland event?

  5. by Liz

    How much for the 2nd race of the day if I’ve only registered for a single event?

  6. by Savanna

    Why can’t you reg for the series any more? “The event is closed”? :”(

    • by murphy

      SuperPass sales end the week before the first event so we can process the RFID tags. You can still get a SuperPass at reg for the first race.

  7. by RN

    Hey there, I want to register for the Oakland race only, not the whole series, is that possible?

  8. by Tom

    When will single event registration be available? I can’t make it to all 4 races.

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  11. by Brian

    Considering competing in this event. I’ve raced mountain bike xc sport class for a few years. What class should i enter?

    • by murphy


      If it’s your first cx race enter C’s just so you get the feel of it and the tempo. After a few C races, cat up if you like.

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